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KIID download area for sub-funds and share classes of MULTI-STRATEGY PORTFOLIO

Please download the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) by clicking on the available language of your choice on the right-hand side. To open and read these documents you will need Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader here.

Sub-Fund Name ISIN Code KIID
MSP Pure Bonds LU0221793143 EN
LU0354675562 EN
LU0607224986 EN FR NL
MSP Defensive LU0354676370 EN
LU0354676297 EN
LU0986964400 EN
LU1340036000 EN FR NL
LU0986964665 EN
LU0986964822 EN
MSP Moderate LU0221793739 EN
LU0354675646 EN
LU0494602955 EN
LU1138411332 EN FR NL
LU1138411688 EN FR NL
LU1292562144 EN FR NL
LU0435373260 EN
LU0986965126 EN
MSP Balanced LU0221794117 EN
LU0354675729 EN
LU0986965472 EN
LU1138412066 EN FR NL
LU1138412140 EN FR NL
LU1292561922 EN FR NL
LU0435373690 EN
LU0986965639 EN
MSP Active LU0221794380 EN
LU0354675992 EN
LU1331153665 EN
LU1138411761 EN FR NL
LU1138411928 EN FR NL
LU1292561765 EN FR NL
LU0986965803 EN
MSP Dynamic LU0354676537 EN
LU0354676453 EN
LU1340035705 EN
LU13400035531 EN FR NL
LU1340035614 EN FR NL
MSP Pure Equity LU0221794547 EN
LU0354676024 EN
LU0986966017 EN
LU0494603094 EN
LU0607225017 EN FR NL
LU0986966280 EN
LU0494603177 EN
LU0986966447 EN
LU0494603250 EN

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