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KIID download area for sub-funds and share classes of ING ARIA

Please download the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) by clicking on the available language of your choice on the right-hand side. To open and read these documents you will need Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader here.

Sub-Fund Name ISIN Code KIID
Corporate + LU0537152141 EN FR NL DE
R DIS LU0537152224 EN FR NL DE
I CAP * LU0650608093 EN
I DIS * LU1693140805 EN
Z CAP * LU1693140987 EN
Millésime Dynamique LU0537152497 EN FR
Moderate Invest LU0537152737 EN
Flexible Strategic Allocation LU0539860485 EN FR
European Bonds LU0650607798 EN FR NL DE
R DIS LU0650607871 EN FR NL DE
I CAP * LU0650607954 EN
I DIS * LU1693141019 EN
Navido Patrimonial Dynamic LU0771859922 EN FR
Lion Conservative LU1014948290 EN FR NL DE
R DIS LU1693141282 EN FR NL
I CAP * LU1014948027 EN
I DIS * LU1693141100 EN
J * LU1083670833 EN
Lion Moderate LU1014948456 EN FR NL DE
R DIS LU1693141449 EN FR NL
C Hedged LU1476744062 EN CS
I CAP * LU1014948373 EN
I DIS * LU1693141365 EN
J * LU1083671054 EN
Lion Balanced LU1014948613 EN FR NL DE
R DIS LU1693141795 EN FR NL
C Hedged LU1476744146 EN CS
I CAP * LU1014948530 EN
I DIS * LU1693141522 EN
J * LU1083671211 EN
K * LU1373899910 EN
Lion Dynamic LU1014948886 EN FR NL DE
R DIS LU1693141951 EN FR NL
C Hedged LU1476744229 EN CS
LU1014948704 EN
LU1693141878 EN
LU1083671302 EN
LU1373900197 EN
Lion Aggressive LU1014949181 EN FR NL DE
R DIS LU1693142173 EN FR NL
C Hedged LU1476744492 EN CS
LU1014949009 EN
LU1693142090 EN
LU1083671567 EN
LU1373900270 EN
Euro Short Duration Enhanced Return Bond Fund LU1492826968 EN FR NL DE
R DIS LU1492827008 EN FR NL DE
LU1492826703 EN
LU1693142256 EN
ING Global Index Portfolio Defensive LU1693142330 EN FR DE
B LU1693142504 EN NL
LU1693142686 EN FR NL DE
J * LU1693142769 EN
ING Global Index Portfolio Balanced LU1693142843 EN FR DE
B LU1693143064 EN NL
LU1693143148 EN FR NL DE
J * LU1693143221 EN
ING Global Index Portfolio Dynamic LU1693143494 EN FR DE
B LU1693143650 EN NL
LU1693143734 EN FR NL DE
J * LU1693143817 EN

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